Chigusa High School

Goals of Chigusa High School

  1. For students to learn how to live independent and creative lives and act affirmatively.
  2. For students to acquire moral sense and live healthfully and honestly.
  3. For students to trust and collaborate with each other and behave themselves responsibly as members of a group.
  4. For students to acquire a rich sense of culture and a broad international perspective.

“The Apple Trees of Newton”  (Malus Domestica)

After seeing an apple falling from an apple tree, Sir Isaac Newton(1642~1772) analyzed the movement of stars and discovered the law of universal gravitation. In 1981 the British National Physics Laboratory presented grafted seedlings of the same apple tree Newton observed to Japan. After that, they were raised in many parts of Japan. In 1994 one of them was planted at Chigusa High School. This tree inspires students to turn their thoughts toward Sir Isaac Newton and take interest in science. In spring light-sanguine blossoms bloom. However, its apples are small and unappetizing.